Mr. Charlie Dorton had the first Bulldog Brand Knife produced in 1978 in the Friedrich Olbertz Factory in Solingen West Germany. Bulldog Brand Knives are still produced in the same factory. Bulldog Knives have five important periods in their existence; collectors refer to them as different generations.

First Generation. 1978-1987. Thirty-Two different patterns were produced. Out of 32 patterns came 469 styles. A Bulldog Brand Knife Collectors Club was formed in the early 1980's/ There were no Bulldog knives shipped into the United States from the late 1987 to the 1992.

Second Generation. 1991-1992. The late Jim Parker purchased the Bulldog Brand Knife Company. In 1992 the Olbertz factory shipped about 7,000 Bulldog knives to the USA. Later, some knife parts were purchased from Blue Grass Cutlery to complete additional Bulldog knife sets.

Third Generation. 1993. 17 new knife patterns were ordered from the Olbertz factory and 5 new handle materials were introduced in this year. The third generation knives ended the era of the two "Fighting Dogs" stamp.

Fourth Generation. Around 1995. Jim Parker commissioned an artist to draw "Lucky" Mrs. Parkers purple ribbon bred American Pit Bull Terrier. This drawing appeared as the new Bulldog Knives trademark in 1996.

Fifth Generation. 2000. According to Jim Porker's Pocket Knife Traders Price Guide, the double dog head stamp was introduced around this time.

A trademark has to be used every three years to keep it active, so a few knives with the rare two "Fighting Dogs" stamp are released every few years.

The Bulldog Brand Knives are 100% Completely Handmade in Solingen, Germany by Master Cutlers. Each Carbon Steel blade is individually hammer-forged with over 240 hand operations going into each knife, then each blade is reversed frost etched with the Double Dog Head logo. Nickel Silver Pins and Shield, and Brass Liners add to the top quality craftsmanship.